Bosch Rexroth AG


Change of scene on the open stage, machines that automatically adjust to new products in the factory of the future, mobile work for narrow forest roads or the largest construction sites in the world and always sufficient power for heavy duty floodgates: creating movement. That's our drive.

As a global partner, Bosch Rexroth supports global mechanical and plant engineering with top technological achievements and unique industry knowledge. More than 32,300 employees worldwide work on secure, efficient, intelligent and powerful solutions. They help machine manufacturers and users, for example, to economically produce small batches or to save energy while increasing productivity. With our cross-technology range of innovative, digital services and a comprehensive service, we are the partner for machines and systems. WE MOVE. YOU WIN.

Electric drives and controls

  • Engineering
  • Industrial IoT
  • Safety technology
  • CNC
  • Motion Controls
  • PLC
  • Industrial PC, control panels
  • Embedded controllers
  • I / O
  • Servo drives
  • Frequency converter
  • Engines and transmissions

Forming and casting technique

  • Molding machine casting
  • Chill casting
  • Continuous casting
  • Lapping disk casting

gear technology

  • Driving gear HYDROTRAC GFT 8000

  • Driving gear ROTATRAC eGFT 8000

  • Driving gear HYDROTRAC GFT

  • Swivel gearbox MOBILEX GFB 8000

  • Swivel gearbox MOBILEX GFB

  • Winding gear MOBILEX GFW 5000

  • Winding gear MOBILEX GFT-W

Industrial hydraulics

  • Pump
  • Engines
  • Cylinder
  • Switching valves
  • Continuous valves
  • Control blocks and plates
  • Electronics
  • Systems
  • Aggreagate
  • Sensors and signalers
  • Storage
  • Filter
  • Oil preparation
  • Cooling and heating elements
  • Tools and configuration

Linear technology

  • Profile rail guides
  • Linear Bushings
  • Screw drives
  • Linear Systems / Actuators
  • Handling systems
  • NEW: Smart Press Kit
  • Ball rollers / tolerance rings

Mobile hydraulics

  • Pump
  • Engines
  • Transmission
  • Mobile controls
  • Compact hydraulics
  • Mobile electronics
  • Human-machine interface
  • Storage
  • Filter
  • Oil measuring technology

Assembly technology

  • Aluminum profiles - solutions and components
  • Manual production systems
  • Chain conveyor system VarioFlow plus
  • Transfer systems
  • RFID systems
  • Intralogistics

screw technology

  • Stationary screw technology
  • Handgun ErgoSpin
  • Wireless cordless screwdriver Nexo

Welding technology

  • Controls with power section
  • Medium frequency transformers
  • Control and monitoring
  • Operating and diagnostic software / devices
  • I / O components
  • Fieldbus connections

Production Assistants (APAS)