Balluff GmbH is a German company in Neuhausen auf den Fildern that has been established in 1921. Balluff is one of the largest manufacturers of sensors, transmitters and power supplies. No other company has such a wide range of sensors for all possible applications.

Switching Sensors

  • Inductive sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Magnetic cylindric sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Mechanical sensors

Position Sensors

  • Inductive proximity sensors
  • Micropulse transducers
  • Magneto-inductive position sensors
  • Inductive positioning systems
  • Magnetic coded position and angle measuring systems
  • Photoelectric distance sensors
  • Inclinometers

Process sensors

  • Pressure sensors

Industrial Communication

  • Inductive couplers
  • Fieldbus modules
  • IO-Link
  • Passive distribution
  • Connectors and cables

Identification Systems

  • Industrial RFID systems
  • Vision sensors
  • Optical identification