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OT200ESUR6TZ Safety switch

On Request. Please send us an email to inquire the price and avaliability.


The enclosure and handle of the OT series is made of rigid acid proof steel, class AISI316L. The enclosure has a hinged door, with door lock. The cover is interlocked, and can not be opened when switch is on. The interlock function can be defeated for thermographing. The cover has also a gas pressure releaf function, to protect the user in case of internal arc. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The cable entries holes are prepared for cable flanges. The cable flanges (KOT61007 or KOT62296 (for EMC)) and the covers for the holes (KOT61008), have to be bought separately. The switch can be used in EMC applications, if EMC ring flanges are used. PE terminals and auxiliary contacts are included.

Logistic parameters

Country of Origin: FI
Weight: 38.50 kg
Length: 0.23 m
Width: 0.80 m
Height: 0.80 m