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OTE90T4B EMC safety switch

On Request. Please send us an email to inquire the price and avaliability.


The enclosure in the OTE series is using a rigid glass reinforced polycarbonate enclosure. The enclosure is UV protected, protected against low-pressure water jets (IP65), and hence built for outdoor and indoor use. The cable entries are for I-flange and have knock out holes, both from top and bottom. The handle is padlockable and made for three padlocks. The interlocking can be by-passed, for thermographing etc. The switch is made for 5 wire system, and have a fixed neutral terminal and PE terminal. The EMC protection is utilized by a metal plate in the bottom, connected to the cable shield with clamps, included in the delivery. No EMC glands needed.

Logistic parameters

Country of Origin: FI
Weight: 3.50 kg
Length: 0.14 m
Width: 0.20 m
Height: 0.40 m