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CA4-04MK Auxiliary Contact Block

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The auxiliary contact blocks are used for the operation of auxiliary circuits and control circuits for standard industrial environments. Types of auxiliary contact blocks for front mounting:. CA4..K 1 or 4-pole block, with instantaneous N.O., N.C. contacts. Select the 4-pole auxiliary contact blocks CA4-..EK, CA4-..MK or CA4-..NK type, according to the contactor or contactor relay type for compliance with the standard requirements (see "Terminal marking and positioning"). Types of auxiliary contact blocks for side mounting:. CAL4..K 2-pole block, with instantaneous N.O. + N.C. contacts. For clipping onto the right- and/or left-hand side of the contactors. The auxiliary contact blocks are equipped with push-in spring terminals protected against accidental direct contact and bear the corresponding function marking.

Logistic parameters

Country of Origin: PL
Weight: 0.05 kg
Length: 0.0395 m
Width: 0.043 m
Height: 0.045 m